What is Sitecore ?

Sitecore is a Content Management System (CMS) using Microsoft .NET technology that enables you to create, edit and optimize your customers’ digital experience with a low-code, industrial-strength approach.

It enables web publishers and administrators to create unique web experiences. The platform is a leader in the field of DXP (Digital Experience Platform).

The Sitecore CMS provides all the essential functionalities required by businesses, including :

  • Content management (text, images, video, audio)
  • Localization and translation of platform content
  • Multi-channel presentation (web desktop, mobile, IOT, email …)

… but also advanced functionalities whose objective is to enrich the experience of the audiences such as :

  • Personalization of messages according to profiles or activity
  • The provision of analytical data
  • Integration capabilities with third-party solutions (CRM, ORM, PIM, DAM …)

Sitecore est recommandé aux entreprises qui souhaitent améliorer et optimiser l’expérience client sur leurs sites et plateformes digitales au sens large.


Sitecore Partner

Gold partner Sitecore

Sitecore is the market Leader in the field of content platforms for easy delivery of modern and multi-channel customer experiences.

The platform can also be used to combine customer data and analytical data to feed automated marketing capabilities and provide support to audiences throughout their journey, delivering personalized, real-time content that is consistent regardless of the channel.

This enables Sitecore to deliver a consistent experience across all delivery channels.

Today, Castelis is one of Sitecore’s main partners and regularly intervenes on nearly half of the installed fleet in France.

Your digital transformation with Sitecore


Design & Development / Site factory

Our digital team develops your institutional, brand or e-commerce sites, integrating custom-made components to meet your specifications where necessary. Our “Site Factory” approach allows you to increase your Digital impact.



With Sitecore, deliver consistent connected experiences across all your customer contact points. Castelis assists you in setting up content customization tools through its Sitecore consulting and training services.


Operations and operational readiness

Your teams can focus on your targets and we will take care of the technical part! Castelis assures the life and scalability of your site thanks to our operational readiness service.

Consulting and auditing

We provide advice to your organization to help you achieve your commercial and strategic objectives.

Castelis, a Sitecore specialist since 2014, helps you achieve your various business, marketing and digital goals. Progress at your own pace in your digital transition by using your website to attract, convert and retain your customers from a single platform.

With Sitecore, we build your website over time, capitalizing on your digital experience and the ever-refined knowledge of your audience.

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Sitecore development

Discover Sitecore’s features

Castelis takes your specific issues and develops solutions, features and processes tailored to your organization.

From content creation to delivery across all your digital channels, Sitecore leverages your customer data to nurture experiences and accompany your audiences on their journey by delivering personalized content in real time.

Experience Plateform Sitecore Portail

Experience Plateforms

The Sitecore platform allows you to access key tools through an intuitive user interface, supplied by a database of unique experiences.

ContentHub illustration final

Content Hub

Manage all of your digital content from the ideation and design phases to multichannel distribution using the first integrated platform providing DAM / PCM (Digital Asset Management), MRM (Marketing Resource Management) and CMP ( Campaign Management) capabilities.

Sitecore experience editor castelis

Experience Editor

Use the Experience Editor module of experience manager to edit, optimize, and test content through a single, intuitive interface.

sitecore marketing automation

Marketing Automation

The CMS collects information about each web user’s interactions with your brand to make your communications more relevant and consistent.

Sitecore Analytics

Experience Analytics

Using the integrated tool, track your key metrics (visits, customer journey templates, downloads, conversions, etc.) and measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities in all your digital channels.

Path Analyzer

Path Analyzer

Reveal the most effective paths among your content according to your marketing goals.

Support and advice

Your digital strategy

Castelis supports you in exploiting the potential of Sitecore CMS and other Sitecore solutions, such as Sitecore CDP and Personalize, or Sitecore OrderCloud, to help you get the most out of digital.

Notre équipe d’experts Sitecore, ainsi que les équipes en charge de l’infrastructure ou encore des sujets d’UX-UI, travaillent de concert pour installer l’outil, le maintenir, contribuer à sa gestion courant ou encore vous former à l’utilisation optimale de ses fonctionnalités.

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