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Discover the recruitment steps of a Castelis applicant


Step 1:
the application

You apply online on our website.


Step 2: the telephone

Your CV is accepted and you have an initial phone interview with one of our HR team members


Step 3: the face-to-face meeting

You will be invited to an interview during which you will have a more in-depth discussion with an HR team member with your future supervisor

Recruitment step by step


You apply via our website on our job offers page.

You will then receive an application receipt confirmation email

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D + 1

If your initial application is accepted, you will be contacted by our HR team for an initial telephone interview.

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D + 2 to 3

Your CV is presented to the project manager of the centre in question.

Positive or negative response of the presentation to the project manager.

Appointment made if favourable

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D+3 to 7

Tests and recruitment interview at a single appointment

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D+7 to 10

Response regarding the interview, whether positive or negative

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Carriere-Nous rejoindre-Egalite professionnelle

Castelis obtains a score of 94/100 in the professional equality index

Composed of 4 indicators for SMEs of 50 to 250 employees, this index allows each company to assess its degree of professional equality; the minimum expected score is 75/100.

The result obtained by Castelis is 94/100. This outcome demonstrates our commitment to creating conditions of attractiveness, salary and career development that enable women to advance to the same level as men.


Our applicants testify

What I appreciated most during my interview was the transparency (content of the mission, important considerations, objectives), the quality of the dialogue, the attention paid to me by the recruiters (a professional to professional dialogue)

Castelis Beginner applicant (0-2 years experience) - I received an offer that I accepted

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