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Sitecore started as a CMS and is now one of the best DXP solutions on the market. What sets Sitecore apart from other solutions is its ability to deliver a personalized content experience to users based on their online behavior. With its targeting and data tracking capabilities, Sitecore can display content specific to each user, providing a unique browsing experience.

In addition, Sitecore is a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform for content publishers, allowing businesses to update their site quickly and easily. It also has a large community of developers and partners, such as Castelis, making it a solid choice for businesses that want the expertise and support of experienced professionals.

Sitecore delivers a personalized omnichannel experience by combining rich customer data and integrated marketing capabilities with an easy-to-use content management platform.

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Castelis and Sitecore

Gold Partner Sitecore, Castelis is one of the main Sitecore integrators in France. It accounts for more than half of the Sitecore France installed base and is a partner of choice for companies that use Sitecore platforms.

As a Sitecore integrator, Castelis is specialized in the integration of Sitecore solutions for companies. We implement Sitecore for our clients, configuring the platform according to their specific needs and integrating the various Sitecore tools and features into the company’s website.

We also offer custom development services to extend Sitecore’s functionality and meet the unique needs of clients. More than that, we provide technical assistance and support to ensure that the Sitecore platform works optimally for businesses.

Castelis is an experienced Sitecore integrator that helps companies implement and effectively use the platform to manage and update their website. They can also provide development and support services to ensure that Sitecore works optimally for each client.

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For a composable web with Sitecore

Sitecore offers several digital experience platforms or solutions, each designed to meet specific business needs. These digital solutions range from simple content management to complex websites and ecommerce sites.

Sitecore’s composable architecture allows organizations to build custom experiences using reusable components. With this composable approach, organizations can quickly implement personalized marketing, e-commerce and content solutions across every channel.

Sitecore has developed a suite of composable products that can be easily integrated with the Sitecore XP platform to deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences to its customers. These products include Sitecore CDP and Personalize, Sitecore OrderCloud, Sitecore XM Cloud, Sitecore Send and Sitecore Discover.

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Sitecore Products

Sitecore is a customer experience management (CEM) platform that includes various products to help companies improve their customers’ digital experiences.

Content Cloud

Sitecore Content Cloud is a cloud-based content management solution (CMS) that enables organizations to create, manage and distribute content at scale.

It consists of several products that can be used together or separately to meet specific business needs. Sitecore Content Cloud is a comprehensive solution that manages the entire content value chain from creation to publishing, management and distribution. It offers complementary tools to improve the quality and efficiency of content operations.

XM Cloud Sitecore

XM Cloud

The XM Cloud product is designed to help companies create multi-channel experiences for their customers. It combines data analytics, content personalization and marketing automation to create more effective campaigns and more engaging user experiences.

Search Sitecore


Sitecore Content Cloud provides a "Search" product that optimizes content search on websites and applications. It uses advanced search technologies to improve the relevance of search results and simplifies the search experience for users.

Content Hub One produit Sitecore

Content Hub One

It is a unified content management system that allows organizations to centralize and manage their content from a single location. It includes metadata management, publishing workflows and versioning capabilities to improve team collaboration and productivity.

Content Hub DAM Sitecore

Content Hub DAM

This Sitecore Content Cloud product is an intellectual property management (DAM) solution integrated with Content Hub One. It enables organizations to efficiently store, classify and share their content. It offers advanced search, tagging and publishing capabilities to help manage content assets.

Content Hub Operations Sitecore CMS

Content Hub Operations

The Sitecore Content Hub solution offers Content Hub Operations to manage content operations. It allows you to plan, schedule and monitor publications across channels. It supports publishing workflows, error alerts and automated publishing operations to maintain content quality and compliance.

Engagement Cloud

Sitecore Engagement Cloud is a customer experience management (CEM) platform that helps companies personalize digital experiences for each customer or visitor.

The platform uses behavioral and preference data from each user to deliver more relevant content and marketing experiences across all media. It includes a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to collect, store, segment and use customer data, enables targeted marketing campaigns via email or SMS and connects customer data with other business data.

Sitecore Personalize


Sitecore Engagement Cloud's personalization functionality enables organizations to create unique experiences for each user based on their profile, behavior and preference data. This includes personalizing content presentation, product offerings and advertising campaigns.

Sitecore CDP


Sitecore Engagement Cloud includes an integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables companies to collect, store, segment and use customer data for user experience personalization.

Send emailing email marketing


Sitecore Engagement Cloud includes a "Send" feature that allows companies to create and send targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns based on user profile and behavior data.

Sitecore Connect


Sitecore Engagement Cloud allows you to connect your customer data and other business data (for example, sales or inventory data) for use in marketing campaigns and customer experience. This enables companies to make more informed marketing decisions and better understand their customers' trends and needs.

Commerce Cloud

Sitecore Commerce Cloud is an ecommerce platform that integrates with the Sitecore Engagement Cloud platform to provide a unified online shopping experience for users.

It enables businesses to create personalized ecommerce sites and manage online orders and inventory. It leverages the power of the Sitecore Engagement Cloud to deliver more relevant shopping experiences to users based on their profile and behavior.

Sitecore OrderCloud ecommerce


The OrderCloud platform is Sitecore's ecommerce solution that provides product discovery, shopping cart and order processing capabilities. It includes APIs for connectivity with inventory management and payment systems. It was designed to be scalable, extensible and easy to use for developers.

Sitecore Discover


Sitecore Commerce Cloud also includes product discovery capabilities to help users easily find the products they are looking for and maximize conversion rates. Product discovery features use user behavior data to display relevant products for each user, improving the overall shopping experience.

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