Why choose the Sitecore solution ?

Why choose Sitecore ? Today’s Internet users expect a relevant and consistent experience with a brand for every interaction they have. The brand needs to understand their buying habits, what products they like and recognize their profile regardless of the medium they are using. 58% of companies have seen an improvement in customer satisfaction through digital customer experience and 51% of brand representatives say that personalization is a priority for their organization (see white paper, downloadable at the end of the article). Personalization is Sitecore’s trademark!


What is Sitecore ?

Sitecore offers the standard functionality of a CMS (create and/or edit articles, edit text, layout images etc.) but also optimizes the customer experience.

The tool is thus positioned as one of the ideal platforms for companies that place great importance on the relevance of the user experience, with empowered teams and powerful experiences, regardless of the sector.

Offer a unique experience to your customers using the platform Sitecore CMS et DXP !


What differentiates Sitecore from its competitors ?

Sitecore offers advanced personalization capabilities integrated into a single platform for optimal work efficiency for both technical and marketing teams.

The tool combines mature and interconnectable solutions for content management, personalization, user data exploitation, e-commerce, emailing, search, etc.

After a long history as a CMS, Sitecore has been deploying a broader and more ambitious strategy to design a modern, high-performance web for several years now. It is now more closely associated with the Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which provides a complete suite of tools for creating personalized experiences that can evolve and connect across channels, geographies and languages.

In fact, there is a difference between a CMS platform and a DXP platform.

While a CMS solution supports the orchestration and delivery of content critical to digital experiences, a DXP platform goes further by offering automation and intelligent delivery to websites and portals, IoT apps and devices and more as well.

Castelis offers articles on the key Sitecore features for e-commerce with Sitecore OrderCloud, or complete solutions for personalization and user experience with Sitecore CDP Personalize.

In short, Sitecore enables companies to build a consistent online presence across all channels.


Features offered by Sitecore

Among the main functionalities offered by Sitecore we note:

  • Personalization, which makes it possible to individualize the digital experience of each customer by adapting the interface to the needs and context of the Internet user.
  • Statistical reports to know precisely the effectiveness of marketing strategies on each digital channel, each initiative, each campaign and each action.
  • The creation of emailing campaigns to create more relevant interactions adapted to the recipient.
  • Marketing automation, which makes it possible to attach objectives to users’ actions and thus ensure the continuity of interactions on different channels.
  • A/B Testing to test different formats, identify the best performing ones and continue to refine and improve conversion rates.
  • Machine Learning that allows you to add artificial intelligence (AI) to your search engine and recommendations.
  • Safety.
  • Optimal experience management across all channels.
  • Omnichannel for unified journeys regardless of channels thanks to personalized workflows, whether the user is identified or anonymous, in compliance with the RGPD.

Sitecore’s omnichannel, multi-site management, automation and personalization capabilities enable real-time interactions. Sitecore solutions take into account the context of use, adapting responses and content based on how customers are interacting with the brand at a given moment.

The various Sitecore solutions all work towards the same goal: delivering rich, personalized user experiences.

All of these benefits have made Sitecore the global leader in contextual marketing experience management software.


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