Chronos, an ERP for service companies

Chronos is the Business Management ERP solution specially designed to meet the specific needs of service companies, such as design offices, consulting firms and engineering companies.

This solution provides you with a global and precise view of your business, allowing you to optimize your planning, manage your projects, monitor your production and control your invoices.

Unlike traditional ERP systems, Chronos business management software offers a complete solution and provides a centralized platform for the various business lines and departments of the company.


A turnkey AND highly customizable ERP system

Business management application

Chronos is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package that stands out for its accessibility and customization.

Dedicated to service companies, it compiles and articulates a wide variety of tools and approaches adapted to the processes of ESN, SSII, consulting firms, engineering firms, accounting firms or architects… Thus, Chronos meets the specific requirements of your industry and the particularities of your company.

Thanks to its great adaptability and its high level of customization, this business management software package can also be adapted to companies of any size, from very small businesses to large corporations. Our Castelis experts will work with you to set up a customized Chronos for your business.

Easy to set up, its flexibility allows our software package to be widely customizable and guarantees adaptability and integration with all the digital tools that make up your existing information system. And this, whether it is a reference management software such as CEGID, SAGE, CIEL, KOALA, EBP, a leading or more confidential CRM, or a solution developed specifically for your company.

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Business and project management

Chronos makes your reporting easy

Chronos allows you to simplify the reporting of your activities and therefore the monitoring of ongoing projects, as well as the profitability of the various departments. The business management software solution ensures optimal visibility on all departments of the company. Organized around the indicators that interest you, Chronos dashboards provide an immediate readout of management information useful to both strategic and operational functions.


Sales follow-up

Automate your sales management and improve customer and prospect relations.
Easily track and manage the life cycle of your customers, prospects and partners. Prospecting, quotes, invoicing... Track the activity of your sales force and get a clear view of your interactions to optimize sales management.
Leverage your customer data to streamline the sales process and facilitate conversions.
Automate your prospecting campaigns and marketing actions by providing you with an optimal view of your customers and your funnel.

gestion des subventions et aides sociales


Automate your invoicing with turnkey business management software.
Plan in advance the automatic generation of customer invoices according to the defined parameterization rules. Chronos s’adapte aux différents modes de facturation possibles selon les conditions contractuelles propres à chaque projet. Facturation en régie, au forfait, avec des acomptes ou selon l’état d’avancement...
Anticipate easily the distribution of invoices via customizable and automatable flows.
Simplify your collection process of unpaid invoices thanks to the automatic reminders associated with your customer aged balance.

gestion des budgets du CSE et suivi des dépenses et investissements


Easily record your accounting entries and track the status of sales and purchases with Chronos ERP.
Manage your purchases, fixed assets and sales, just like a software dedicated to accounting. The solution allows interactions with your bank in SEPA format, such as transfers and direct debits.
Simply meet your accounting needs by editing regulatory documents such as the general ledger, balance sheets...
Are you already using another accounting software? Chronos Gestion d’Affaires peut s’interfacer avec votre solution comptable existante (Ciel, Cegid, Sage, Koala…).

fluidier et automatiser gestion commande stock expédition e-commerce


Assign your teams, create tasks, control your project progress.
Fill in the progress points and follow your productions in real time to control your deadlines.
Manage team schedules, staffing on projects and edit access rights to monitoring tables.
Easily check the profitability of your current productions.

Human Resources

Record, centralize and manage all HR data with a ready-to-use ERP.
View the company's trombinoscope, profiles and skills of all your employees.
Set up employee access to company applications, anticipate vacations, plan annual interviews, monitor training plans, etc.
Manage internal communication by making Chronos your company's intranet. Newsletters, documentations RH…

optimiser la connaissance client pour décliner des actions commerciales et marketing sur mesure

Planning and staffing

Manage your schedule by project, employee, period, department with Chronos Business Management.
Centralize the time entry of your employees by client, project and task. Gagnez un temps précieux pour établir la facturation et suivre la rentabilité.
Follow the evolution of project duration by client and determine areas for improvement.

Optimize your company management with Chronos

Your software for service companies

With Chronos, keep an eye on your indicators by department and project. Control your production and profitability. Analyze your sales management.

Chronos gives you the necessary visibility to better decide and anticipate.

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