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In the ever-changing digital age, the approach to content management is undergoing a revolution. Headless CMS have become the engines of transformation, redefining the way companies design, manage and deliver content online. Among these innovators, Contentstack stands out as an award-winning leader, offering a cutting-edge DXP platform that harmoniously blends flexibility, performance and scalability.

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Headless CMS revolution

The rapidly changing digital environment has led to a growing demand for highly personalized user experiences, optimized for different platforms. Headless CMS, an approach that separates content management from presentation, has emerged as the solution to satisfy this need. This revolutionary approach enables companies to create, modify and distribute their content in an agile way, while offering unrivalled design freedom and adaptability.

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Contentstack, unrivalled leader

At the heart of this revolution, Contentstack stands out. As the undisputed leader in the world of headless CMS, Contentstack offers a solution that goes far beyond traditional content management. Its award-winning platform offers a perfect synergy of flexibility, performance and scalability, making it the natural choice for companies looking for a modern CMS solution that enables them to remain competitive in a constantly evolving environment.

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Contenstack's composable philosophy

Benefits for companies


reduction in time-to-publication (source: Forrester Consulting, Total Economic Impact™ study)


reduction in development time (source: Forrester Consulting, Total Economic Impact™ study)


return on investment over 3 years (source: Forrester Consulting, Total Economic Impact™ study)

Why choose Contentstack ?

Fusion of Flexibility, Performance and Scalability

The key to Contentstack’s rapid progress lies in its ability to merge three essential elements for modern businesses.

  • Contentstack’s unfettered flexibility enables teams to design bespoke content experiences, adapting quickly to changing market needs.
  • Its outstanding performance guarantees a fast and fluid user experience, crucial for visitor engagement and retention.
  • Finally, its ability to evolve in tandem with business growth offers invaluable peace of mind for fast-growing companies.

Contentstack sets itself apart by combining the flexibility of an open source CMS with the power of a headless CMS, offering the best of both worlds. This unique fusion meets the varied needs of modern businesses.

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Contentstack functionalities

Added value of CMS Headless

Explore the foundations of Contentstack’s leadership in the world of headless CMS. Unpack the fundamental pillars that make Contentstack an invaluable partner for content management.

In the competitive arena of headless CMS, Contentstack stands out for its avant-garde philosophy and architecture. Its innovative design is based on a vision that aims to unleash team creativity while offering robust structuring. Contentstack’s flexible architecture enables deep customization, giving companies the ability to create unique content experiences that meet the specific needs of their audience.

Contentstack interface utilisateurs UI intuitive

Intuitive User Interface

Immerse yourself in Contentstack's user interface, designed to simplify every step of the content management process. Intuitiveness is at the heart of Contentstack's user experience, enabling teams to create, manage and publish content with ease. This convivial interface reduces the learning curve, enabling users to take advantage of the platform quickly and efficiently.

collaboration gestion des rôles CMS Contentstack

Transparent Collaboration

Contentstack facilitates collaboration by enabling teams to work seamlessly and in synchrony. Customizable workflows and precisely defined user roles contribute to overall project success. This approach promotes efficiency and minimizes friction, which is essential for companies seeking to keep pace in a competitive environment.

création de contenu fluide simple rapide CMS Contentstack

Fluid Content Creation

Contentstack redefines the way content is created, providing powerful tools for structuring, enriching and publishing content in an intuitive way. Whether it's text, images or video, Contentstack simplifies every step of the creation process.

gestion des workflow circuits de validation et publication des contenus digitaux CMS Contentstack

Workflow Management

Workflow management is a cornerstone of Contentstack. You can customize and automate workflows to ensure that every piece of content passes through the necessary steps before being published. This ensures consistency, quality and smooth collaboration between team members.

Personnalisation UX expérience utilisateur besoins spécifiques entreprise CMS Contentstack

Personalizing the User Experience

Contentstack enables companies to create personalized and engaging user experiences. By tailoring content to users' needs and preferences, companies can maximize the impact of their content and boost visitor engagement.

Intégration technologies tierces API et connecteurs à la plupart des solutions sur le marché ERP CRM PIM

Integration of Third-Party Technologies

By offering an API-first approach, Contentstack integrates seamlessly with a multitude of third-party technologies, enabling you to extend the platform's functionality according to your specific needs. In this way, you can make the most of your existing tools while benefiting from the power of Contentstack.

Discover why Castelis chose Contentstack

Partnership with Contentstack: Our commitment to a composable web

As a custom development company, we chose Contentstack for its powerful “composable” approach, which enables us to create bespoke digital solutions with unrivalled agility. By adhering to MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) principles, we are aligned with Contentstack’s vision for flexible and scalable digital experiences.

This approach enables us to build personalized, responsive and future-oriented websites for our customers, while guaranteeing ease of management and updating thanks to the Contentstack platform.

Our partnership with Contentstack enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry and deliver world-class digital solutions to our customers.

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