Nowadays, consumer expectations have been revolutionized by instant access to services and information. Your IT infrastructure, the foundation of your business, must be agile and ready to adapt quickly to constant innovation. These objectives must be combined with performance, security and data regulation issues.

This is why the Global Cloud Operations department, which carries the Cloud & Security and performance offer of the Castelis group, proposes a suite of services that respond to a large part of these challenges.

Managed services and outsourcing

Maintenance in Operational Conditions

Castelis ensures the maintenance in operational conditions (MCO) in 24/7 of your sites or applications hosted in the cloud or on-premise according to a contract defined to your measure. We ensure a proactive and curative supervision and administration of your infrastructure, a management of its performance and its backup. All this with a view to continuous improvement.

Unlike other market leaders, we focus on maintaining the operational conditions of your environments whether they are hosted in your Cloud subscriptions, in your facilities or with private hosts.

Castelis is an expert in managed infrastructure services. As such, we do not directly provide physical hosting but choose to work with reference hosting providers on the market such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud specialists, they focus on the hardware layer and ensure the certification and security criteria essential to our customers’ needs. In addition, Castelis provides the entire service layer that ensures the maintenance of virtual infrastructures in optimal operational conditions.

Cloud Managed Services

Performance management and cybersecurity

Unlock the full potential of the cloud and build the IT infrastructure that meets your needs.

Our team of experts operates globally to monitor, enhance and optimize your mission-critical IT system with the latest technologies. Automation allows us to streamline your IT processes, adapting to your business needs at any time, while continually modernizing and transforming your infrastructure. We leverage our strong partnerships with market leaders such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Cloudflare to always have the right expertise.

With the Cloud, your IT expenses go from CAPEX to OPEX and we make sure your costs always match your current business needs. We free up time for your internal IT teams to focus on more productive tasks and benefit from our agile support team to address specific and ad hoc needs (delivery manager, technical writing, QA engineers).

Castelis ensures the governance of your cloud projects, steering the performance and optimizing the costs of your infrastructure. We guarantee the definition and monitoring of your KPI’s and the production of dedicated reports.

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Migrer vers le Cloud

Classic remote managed services

Securing on-premise infrastructures

At Castelis, we are Cloud first. However, we understand that not all infrastructures can be found in the Cloud and many customers keep a small local infrastructure allowing them to host local file shares, badge servers, video surveillance, Active Directory or other.

Our teams are also trained on VMWare as well as HyperV to control these local infrastructures remotely, monitor their proper functioning, ensure the proper monitoring of backups, set up delocalized backups on the Cloud and ensure the security of this on-prem infrastructure.

We work hand in hand with your local teams to coordinate with them the management of physical problems on site that require their intervention.

We offer 24/7 monitoring of these local infrastructures for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated team, freeing up your local team’s time and resources.

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Why migrate to the Cloud with Castelis?


Performance et scalability

Gain agility by moving to the Cloud. Castelis ensures in real time the dimensioning of your infrastructure for an optimal performance of your information system.

Cost Management

Cost management

Optimize your IT architecture and ensure day-to-day operations to control your Azure, GCP or AWS subscription costs.


Security and privacy

Benefit from the proven security of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Castelis' secure platform access processes for your data and applications.

Global Cloud Operations department

Castelis, expert Cloud and IT security

Managed infrastructure services require a complete team with diverse skills (DevOps, System Engineer, Network Engineer, Database Administrator, Dispatcher, Quality Engineer, IT Architect, Technical Writer, O365 Administrator, Security Engineer…) that will work on your infrastructure on a daily basis to prevent incidents, ensure security and guarantee the long-term maintainability of your environments.

Our team of experts is present worldwide to ensure that your critical IT system is constantly monitored, improved and optimized using the latest technologies.

Our service offering allows our customers to choose to outsource all or part of their IT management or to get expert help on complex issues.

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