Sitecore CDP Personalize, what is it for ?

Sitecore CDP Personalize (for Customer Digital Platform) covers a whole range of Customer Experience Management products and services in SaaS. More than a digital content management solution (CMS), Sitecore CDP Personalize offers complete omnichannel marketing automation tools.

It allows brands to bring intelligent customer experiences to life by activating omnichannel customer data, streamlining purchase paths, facilitating upsells and working on loyalty…

Sitecore CDP Personalize is therefore a marketing solution that enriches an existing IS with a view to improving and optimizing sales and marginal gains.

Réalisation d'un audit technique de sécurité

Castelis, Gold Partner Sitecore CDP-certified

Castelis is the main Sitecore integrator in France and one of the major players in Europe. It is a trained and certified integrator of advanced Sitecore solutions. Thus, Castelis is a holder of the CDP certification since February 2022.

Castelis takes care of the setup (MOE) of Sitecore solutions for or with you and provides the necessary support (AMOA, TMA) throughout the life cycle of your digital tools.

Customer Data Platform

Exploiting data for better customer knowledge

With its CDP Personalize solution, Sitecore aims to aggregate all user information, whether they are users of a site, a network of sites, or different communication channels. Beyond the website, by creating personalized segments, Sitecore allows you to enrich your targeting for your media or emailing campaigns.

To do this, it collects information throughout the interactions and is able to identify a user regardless of their point of contact. The level of knowledge then varies depending on whether the users are anonymous or authenticated because they are logged in.

Sitecore CDP Personalize is therefore a formidable facilitator for personalizing the customer experience, while enabling organizations to comply with the RGPD.

unification des données clients et utilisateurs omnicanales

Unify your data

Collect, reconcile and unify customer data even during their multi-channel browsing.

créer des segments d'audience pour une communication personnalisée et des actions commerciales performantes

Create audience segments

Create audience segments by categorizing user data based on attributes, behaviors and purchase history.

proposer des expériences utilisateurs riches et fluides sur tous les canaux et points de contact

Offer rich experiences

Test approaches and optimize campaigns to deliver rich, high-performance omnichannel experiences.

automatiser les processus et parcours clients personnalisés en ligne

Automate your processes

Leverage predictive analytics and business intelligence capabilities to implement automated processes.

optimiser la connaissance client pour décliner des actions commerciales et marketing sur mesure

Optimize customer knowledge

Make your customer knowledge a shared tool throughout your company to improve all your thoughts and actions.

Customized omnichannel experiences

Personalize the customer experience in real time

Sitecore CDP Personalize is the Sitecore solution for personalization. This cloud-native solution is added to the existing IS and enhances Sitecore’s functionalities to offer personalized customer experiences, regardless of the channel and the touch point.

It adapts to the constraints of each interface, offering more or less elaborate personalized experiences, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence. It relies on the different channels at its disposal (website, emailing, sms…) and the real-time context to deploy workflows designed to respond to different scenarios. For example, a reminder system in case of cart abandonment, or cross-selling, up-selling and new product proposals following an order.

Sitecore CDP Personalize is therefore a very powerful tool that enables shorter sales cycles and a more controlled budget. This solution increases sales on existing channels through personalized experiences that improve ROI, average basket and loyalty.

automatiser les actions commerciales personnalisées

Automate personalized sales actions

Optimize and personalize sales actions with AI based on real-time behavior and sales context.

améliorer l'impact des actions commerciales et marketing méthode ab testing

Improve the impact of your actions

Use AB testing to measure the impact of your actions, identify the best performing campaigns and improve ROI and customer experience.

personnaliser les expériences omnicanales grâce à la data la segmentation l'intelligence artificielle sitecore

Personalize omnichannel experiences

Make the most of omnichannel personalization by creating stunning, consistent experiences across all your touchpoints.

simplification harmonisation création contenu web sitecore cdp personalize

Simplify and harmonize content creation

Leverage the design library by creating templates to generate content quickly for both technical and sales and marketing teams.

Integrate Sitecore CDP Personalize into your information system with Castelis

Working with Sitecore Personalize does not necessarily mean designing your entire IS around the solution. Instead, it is designed to enrich your existing information system according to your precise needs at a given moment.

Experts sécurité informatiques et performance réalisant un test d'intrusion applicatif

Framing and consulting

In this context, Castelis takes into account your current technical environment to frame your needs, advise you on the Sitecore functionalities to integrate and the evolution of your processes. All this while adopting a coherent vision of the digital experience and omnichannel.

Setup et run

Castelis intervient également dans la mise en place des solutions Sitecore et la maîtrise d’oeuvre. Nos équipes peuvent vous apporter un soutien permanent ou ponctuel selon vos besoins pour des formations, des analyses, de l’optimisation et de la maintenance, pour les entreprises qui souhaitent gérer leurs outils de façon plus autonome.

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