What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud is a customizable, cloud-native, headless and API-first commerce platform that meets all the needs of modern complex commerce.

It enables the design of e-commerce applications and marketplaces for B to C, B to B and B to B to C. OrderCloud manages relatively complex transactions and integrates advanced functionalities for configuring workflows and processing order flows…

Highly configurable, Sitecore OrderCloud synchronizes with all technological ecosystems, old or new. This makes it a particularly fast solution to implement in an existing IS.

faire évoluer simplement et rapidement site internet e-commerce et application web sitecore ordercloud

Make your sites and applications evolve according to your business needs

Sitecore OrderCloud adapts to changes in your business model, strategy and even scale as your business grows. Based on a headless API-first architecture, OrderCloud enables rapid deployment of new solutions and integration of new tools.

fluidier et automatiser gestion commande stock expédition e-commerce

Streamline and automate order management

OrderCloud digitizes your ordering process. The less manual actions you have to perform, the less fragmented the process, and the more time and efficiency you gain. The solution also perfectly masters complex steps, including fulfillment, shipping and inventory management.

Pune expérience client omnicanale fluide

Deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience

Ensure your company remains competitive and modern with OrderCloud in an increasingly demanding environment where omnichannel has become an imperative. Regardless of the online or physical touch points, offer a unified, personalized purchasing experience enriched by the specificities of each channel.

Personnaliser plateforme e-commerce

Customize your e-commerce platform endlessly

Sitecore OrderCloud can be customized to fit your company's image, according to your needs and your evolution. Where many solutions force brands to fit into a predefined mold, OrderCloud is fully customizable to offer a solution tailored to your business, your processes, and your expectations.

Castelis, Gold Partner Sitecore, OrderCloud certified

Castelis is the main Sitecore partner in France. It is also the holder of the Sitecore OrderCloud certification, thus establishing itself as a reference for implementing the solution.

Depending on the needs and especially the stage of your project, Castelis intervenes on a setup service (MOE) or support (AMOA, TMA).

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Equipe SOC 24/7 du securtiy operation center assurant la sécurité de l'information
Experts en gestion financière du cloud-démarche FinOps- architecture microservices

MACH architecture, an agile and intelligent technological environment

On the technical side, many solutions are witnessing a paradigm shift to the MACH architecture. A new approach also adopted by Sitecore OrderCloud. The goal? To help companies leverage the most innovative and flexible technologies available and simplify the solution lifecycle.

The MACH architecture is based on multiple components. Each is pluggable, scalable, replaceable and can be continuously enhanced in an agile manner to meet changing business needs.

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Sitecore OrderCloud is based on individual pieces of business functionality that are independently developed, deployed and managed.

– Scalable without real-time support
– Optimization of infrastructure and server costs
– High availability of all services, even in the event of a failure of one of the functionalities
– Market flexibility to seamlessly select and combine internal microservices
– Faster upgrade and deployment


Toutes les fonctionnalités Sitecore sont exposées via une API. Les API sont le fondement d’une offre de produits, fournissant la gamme complète de toutes les fonctionnalités au niveau de l’API programmatique.

– Exécuter tous les composants nécessaires, peu importe l’interface utilisée
– Améliorer l’expérience développeur et l’apprentissage
– Déployer rapidement des solutions uniques sur le marché
– Créer des expériences client fluides


Sitecore OrderCloud leverages the cloud, not only for storage and hosting, but also for elastic scaling and automatic updating.

– Rapidly deploy turnkey SaaS solutions
– Increase scalability with automatic scaling based on traffic and business growth
– Reduce latency and increase solution availability and performance
– Reduce costs with automatic updates


La présentation du front-end est découplée de la logique et du canal back-end, du langage de programmation et est indépendante du framework.

– Déployer des expériences frontend sur n’importe quel canal ou appareil
– Offrir de la flexibilité aux développeurs dans le choix de technologies
– Réduire le temps de chargement, améliorer le référencement, les conversions et l’expérience client

Implement Sitecore Ordercloud with Castelis

Sitecore OrderCoud is a big bang solution within the company’s IS. In addition to often replacing an existing e-commerce site, it entails the modification of a part of the processes and tools in place.

Castelis helps you to understand the solution within the framework of your information system, to frame the project and advise you on the evolutions to be planned. Our specialized Sitecore teams keep a coherent vision of your technical environment to allow you to develop a qualitative digital and omnichannel experience.

Castelis experts manage the setup as well as the run. Implementation, project management, support, training, analysis, optimization, maintenance… They are able to manage the integration of the different functionalities with each other, whether they are Sitecore solutions or third-party tools.

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