Automate the allocation of customer receipts and simplify the dunning process.



The Qualiconsult group, composed of 10 companies, was experiencing difficulties in reconciling customer transfers received with customer invoices, particularly due to the volume of daily flows.

Indeed, its customers (60% in the public sector) pay one or more invoices to a single company, including price revisions.

Before our intervention, Qualiconsult had permanently more than 2 months of unallocated cashed turnover, which did not allow to carry out operations of relevant revival.

Castelis' solution

Castelis supported Qualiconsult in the implementation of a tool for assigning transfers to customer invoices, including :

  • the accounting impact of this allocation;
  • the implementation of an assignment automaton including artificial intelligence bases for syntactic analysis and the search for invoice references;
  • as well as an OCR tool for indexing and automating the processing of transfer notices received by e-mail and by mail.

Tool for assigning transfers to invoices


Assignment automaton based on artificial intelligence


OCR tool to automate the processing of transfer notices


After a learning phase, the automaton performs a reconciliation of nearly 80% of the cash receipts in automatic, and 15% of proposals to be validated manually.

For Qualiconsult, the workload for this assignment has decreased by 50%, and now displays 15 days of unassigned turnover.

The accounting system now displays a real follow-up of the customer’s credit notes, and allows a correct reminder of the customers.

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