Create tools for monitoring undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS).



The Asset Management department of Deloitte has to carry out accounting audits of several thousand UCITS per month. The controls to be carried out consist in particular in processing large volumes of accounting data.

Castelis was asked to create tools for analysis and restitution of the controls carried out.

Castelis' solution

Castelis has thus developed a tool that centralizes all the data of the audited UCITS with functions providing operational applications to assist the audit:

  • benchmarking tool, framing and revaluation;
  • management assistance, such as the monitoring and sending of invoices;
  • steering tables allowing the monitoring of the progress of the audit operations, the monitoring of the quality of the interventions and the management of the declarations of activity of the CNCC.



Operational applications for audit assistance


Help with billing management


Audit and quality control chart


The structuring of data repositories has made it possible to secure the scope of interventions and to guarantee the quality of audit processes.

The management tools and the automation of processing have enabled the department to reduce processing times and improve the quality of audits, despite the increase in their volume (+30% over 5 years).

The management of CNCC declarations has saved more than 30 working days per year.

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