Optimize costs on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

FinOps approach

Azure, GCP, AWS… Whatever your cloud provider, we apply a financial optimization approach to your IT infrastructure. In any case, adopting a FinOps approach implies a change in habits in all departments of the company, as well as a real involvement of the employees.

This is because good FinOps management requires that IT operations management, financial management and business teams all contribute to the processes. In practice, it concerns more directly profiles such as the FinOps Lead, the Lead Architect, the DevOps Lead, the CIO or the Finance and Purchasing Manager. Castelis can also dedicate technical experts to you remotely or within your company in order to accompany your entire team in its rise in competence.

For our analyses, recommendations and action plans, we draw inspiration from open source best practices, particularly those grouped together in the FinOps World repository. This repository aims to simplify the adoption of the FinOps model in companies for controlled, economical and sustainable IT practices.

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Expert en optimisation des coûts
Experts mettant en place des processus FinOps pour tous les niveaux d’adoption du cloud - Normes ISO

FinOps processes for all levels of cloud adoption

Who FinOps solutions are for?

Getting involved in a FinOps approach to managing Cloud expenses is possible as soon as you migrate to the Cloud or in companies that have been using these technologies for years. For each, it is possible to adapt the strategy and break it down into several stages, to be deployed over the short, medium and long term.

In this way, we develop an action plan for the start of the FinOps approach, for the sustainability of cost control, and then for the generalization to all services and processes using the cloud.

At each stage, we provide the FinOps strategy to be adopted, the corresponding governance policy, the design of the cloud architecture (build), the analysis and corrective measures (run), the optimization, and the monitoring tools to establish financial reporting with key performance indicators.

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How to adopt a FinOps approach


Set and monitor a budget for cloud infrastructure

Our teams analyze your infrastructure and assist you in making reservation choices and determining a budget. Alert thresholds are set to monitor the budget and correct proactively.


Anticipate and optimize costs

Reduce time spent manually managing bookings and savings plans with CloudHealth's modeling, optimization and amortization capabilities.


Breakdown costs by business line

Ensure that individual business units adhere to budget guidelines by proactively alerting stakeholders when costs exceed predefined budgets or when spending anomalies are detected.

Petits Plus

Gain visibility on your costs

With granular visibility into all your cloud environments, you know which departments, teams, projects or applications are responsible for cloud costs and usage. So you can hold them accountable.

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