Governance of your Azure cloud platforms by Castelis

Azure offers many services and tools that work together to provide complete coverage of your IT management in the cloud.

No single service completely fulfils the requirements of a particular management area: each is achieved by several services working together.

Some services, such as Application Insights, provide targeted monitoring functionality for web applications. Others, such as Azure Monitor logs, store management data for other services.

What management areas do you need to implement and which Azure solution should you implement to cover all of these areas?

System configuration

This involves designing and deploying the resources needed to build or evolve your cloud systems.
Azure allows you to automate these tasks to eliminate redundancy, minimise time and effort and increase accuracy and efficiency.
Using Runbook, you can manage your infrastructure with descriptive scripts and take advantage of automation or versioning mechanisms.
This makes it much easier to upgrade and update your systems, and provides greater stability over time.
To find out more about the IaaC tools offered by Azure, consult this link.

Migration to the cloud

Migrating resources to the cloud must be part of a global and long-term approach based on an exhaustive mapping of the information system concerned.
Each application domain and each system is assessed according to a qualification methodology that validates the relevance of the approach and the preferred migration path.
Castelis uses the 6Rs methodology to build the migration roadmap for your information system and the tools provided by Azure to accelerate the migration of candidate domains.
Within the framework of a Rehost strategy, the Azure Migrate and Azure Migration Database Service solutions allow for an accelerated and reliable deployment on the Azure cloud.


Monitoring is the act of collecting and analysing data to audit the performance, integrity and availability of your resources.
An effective monitoring strategy helps you to understand the functioning of your information system components and to increase its availability.
Notifications from monitoring tools allow you to put your systems under control, perform pro-active maintenance, and evaluate the overall performance of your IT Cloud over time for continuous improvement.
To find out more about the monitoring tools provided by the Azure platform, consult this link.


This is about implementing mechanisms and processes to maintain control of the underlying Azure applications and resources based on the strategic priorities of the business.
Governance in Azure is primarily implemented through two services: Azure Policy allows you to create, assign and manage policy definitions to enforce rules for your resources according to the standards you have defined for your business.
Azure Cost Management tracks resource consumption to optimise the ROI of your cloud strategy as part of your FinOps policy.
Castelis helps you to make the most of these tools but also to increase their power with the help of decision support reporting tools mixing Azure data and your business data (projects, applications, accounting, ERP …).


Azure provides a centralised platform to manage the security of your resources and data, allowing you to focus on securing your application domains.
By adding the capabilities of the Azure Security Center solution and the third-party security tools offered by Castelis (Qualys, Cloudflare …), you have a proven foundation to invest in your Cloud deployment with confidence.


Guaranteeing the highest availability for your applications and data is our daily concern.
This protection is provided by Azure Backup Services to ensure the continuity of your resources and data, and by Azure Site Recovery to help organise your disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Protection is about keeping your applications and data available, even in the event of failures beyond your control. Protection in Azure is provided by two services. Azure Backup provides backup and recovery of your data, either in the cloud or locally. Azure Site Recovery provides business continuity and immediate disaster recovery.