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Castelis named MSP Partner of the Year 2022 by Cloudflare

We are pleased to announce that Castelis has been named Cloudflare’s Best MSP Partner 2022 for EMEA. This award recognises Castelis’ expertise as a trusted partner for Cloudflare customers, and highlights our commitment to excellence in Cloudflare service management.


MSP partner of the year, an award for Castelis’ commitment to Cloudflare and its customers

As a Cloudflare Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner, Castelis helps companies optimize their web performance and IT security through the use of Cloudflare services. We are proud to work with Cloudflare to provide innovative security and performance solutions to our customers.

As an expert in digital transformation, web development and application modernisation for 25 years, Castelis has been named Cloudflare’s Best MSP (Managed Service Provider) Partner for 2022 in EMEA. This award is a real honour for Castelis, which has established itself as a major player in supporting companies in their transition to the cloud and securing IT infrastructures.

Watch the video of the award ceremony for the MSP Partner of the Year 2022.


A deep understanding of key services and new Cloudflare solutions to better support our customers

Castelis is specialized in Cloudflare Core Services, such as security optimization, cache, content distribution, as well as Cloudflare One services like SASE, Zero Trust, access and email security. With this specialisation, we are able to provide a full range of web security and performance services to our customers, covering all aspects of their infrastructure.

As an MSP partner, Castelis helps customers get the most out of cloud services by providing technical expertise, emergency support and proactive management of cloud environments. The partnership with Cloudflare has enabled Castelis to deliver first-class security, performance and reliability to its customers for their web applications.

The MSP Partner of the Year award recognizes Castelis’ expertise in managing Cloudflare services, as well as our dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. We are honored to receive this award, which recognizes our hard work, our confidence in Cloudflare solutions, and Cloudflare’s confidence in us.


A special thank you to Cloudflare for this distinction among MSP partners

For Castelis, this recognition is the result of hard work in providing innovative and customised cloud solutions to its customers. This award is a testament to Castelis’ expertise in cloud service management, its ability to provide high quality support, and its ability to help organizations achieve their business goals through the best use of Cloudflare services.

We would like to thank Cloudflare for their support and recognition, as well as the entire Castelis Global Cloud Operations team, for their collaboration over the years and their commitment to our customers’ success.

As the 2022 Best MSP Partner of the Year, we look forward to working with Cloudflare to provide innovative IT security solutions to our customers. We are also excited to work on new projects, initiatives and offerings with Cloudflare in 2023.


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