Cloudflare Governance

Take advantage of the global network for a more secure internet

Secure and accelerate your web applications dedicated to external and internal use.

Castelis is a Cloudflare partner, the global reference for security, performance and reliability. Indeed, Cloudflare manages one of the largest networks in the world, powering millions of Internet properties. By 2021, more than 19% of the Fortune 1000 will use at least one Cloudflare product.

Our experts implement Cloudflare’s always-on technology. They also keep your web environments secure behind Cloudflare with anti-DDOS protection, web application firewall (WAF), rate limiting, bot management or zone lockdown.

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Experts cybersécurité pilotant la gouvernance cloudflare
Equipe SOC 24/7 du securtiy operation center assurant la sécurité de l'information

24/7 SOC Team

Externalize your security operations center

Continuously protect your organization from cyberattacks and data loss. Take ownership of the best practices and the most appropriate cybersecurity tools.

Our 24/7 SOC team analyzes IT systems and detects threats and cyber-attacks. They set up alerts and protocols to respond quickly and effectively to attacks. It assesses vulnerabilities to anticipate appropriate responses in the event of a threat. It manages incidents and uses machine learning to enrich its knowledge of threats and optimize its risk management.

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Cloud security

Serenely manage your cybersecurity risks

Strengthen the security of your cloud infrastructure by delegating the detection, analysis and monitoring of remediation or mitigation of infrastructure and application vulnerabilities.

We adopt a DevSecOps (Development – Security – Operations) approach to integrate data security at all stages of your projects. We intervene on your digital workspace and collaborative platforms. We design and maintain your IT architecture. We develop your DRP with you.

Zero Trust Network, Identity and Access Management IAM, ZTN (Zero Trust Network) and IAM, CASB and CSPM, governance… Our IT security and cybersecurity services cover all your needs.

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Experts sécurité Cloud du système d'information et cybersécurité - développement logiciel sur mesure
Réalisation d'un audit technique de sécurité

Technical security audit

Check the quality of your IT security strategy

Our technical and organizational security audits follow a proven methodology to best fit your IS.

We adopt a complete approach consisting in first defining the evaluation criteria and listing the existing, such as your IT assets, the mapping of your IS, your processes… Then we audit your servers, networks, firewalls, security protocols. Finally, we recommend corrective actions and propose an action plan.

After the audit, our teams can also intervene on the remediation of all or part of the identified vulnerabilities. To evaluate the results of the actions taken, we then perform a second audit and establish new recommendations.

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Application pentest

Test your IS with a penetration test

Simulate a cyber attack with a black box, white box or grey box penetration test on your web application and find the vulnerabilities in your IT system.

Our Pentest allows you to test your current IT security protocols, to identify intrusion risks, vulnerabilities, to prevent them and optimize the reactivity in case of crisis, to prove the compliance of the infrastructure with regulations. In addition to being a security monitoring tool, our pentests also make excellent customer reassurance proofs.

Experts sécurité informatiques et performance réalisant un test d'intrusion applicatif

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