Multicloud solutions

A 24/7/365 certified multi-platform team

We design, secure and manage your IT transformation with Multi-Cloud solutions. We intervene at all stages of your project, from the design of your on premise, cloud or hybrid datacenter, to the secure migration to the cloud of your servers and web applications, including the implementation of your infrastructure. We also manage the operational maintenance of your tools throughout their lifecycle.

  • Migration to the cloud or to a new datacenter
  • Compliance with regulations and your governance policy
  • Modernization of your infrastructure and automation of your secure IT processes
  • Optimization of your infrastructure in a FinOps approach
  • Design and configuration of your IT infrastructure on prem, cloud or hybrid (VMWare)

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Une équipe 24/7/365 certifiée multi-plateformes Microsoft Azure AWS GCP
Expert effectuant une migration vers le cloud

Move to Cloud

Why migrate to the cloud?

By migrating to the cloud, you modernize your infrastructure and gain access to significant benefits for the entire company.

Our Move to Cloud services manage the migration of your On-Premise applications to Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP cloud solutions. We also support cross-cloud application migration, as well as cross-country migration.

Our cloud migration services range from needs assessment to migration and transformation of the infrastructure and applications involved. They also include the implementation of the landing zone, taking into account scale, security, governance and network.

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IT modernization and upgrade

Ever more efficient Cloud solutions

Simplify and optimize your IT by moving to the cloud. Modernize your applications and data with the most powerful solutions on the market. We leverage cloud providers’ PaaS offerings and existing services to give you all the benefits of modernizing your infrastructure: middleware, development tools, collaborative environment…

Improve the scalability of your IT tools by paying only for what you actually use.

Accelerate the deployment of your digital solutions and reduce end-user load times.

Facilitate collaborative work by storing your web applications on a shared, remotely accessible space.

Strengthen the security of your IT infrastructure with integrated data protection and machine learning solutions.

The benefits of Cloud migration


Save time on development

Dramatically reduce code time for new applications and features with pre-coded components built into the platform: workflow, directory, security, search...


Multiply your solutions without increasing your teams

Ensure your development teams the ability to deliver new applications without all the technical skills with integrated PaaS components.


Easily deploy your solutions on multiple platforms

Take advantage of the cross-platform development options (devices, browsers...) offered by top PaaS providers, like Azure, to simplify solution management.


Get access to high-performance tools at controlled rates

Use development, BI or analytics tools and pay only per use for these traditionally expensive because sophisticated solutions.


Work and collaborate from anywhere

Develop your solutions on the cloud from anywhere in the world by enabling your nomadic or outsourced teams to work on the same projects at the same time.

Cost Management

Simply manage the application lifecycle

Efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of your web applications with PaaS. Your cloud environment centralizes design, testing, deployment, management and maintenance.

A custom-made IT infrastructure

Managed Services and Infrastructure Management

Trust a 24/7/365 certified multi-platform team to manage your infrastructure and servers. Ensure the availability of your on-premise or cloud platforms. Maintain your equipment in optimal conditions and optimize their scalability.

Web application performance

Improve the performance of your web applications and middleware. Monitor the availability of your applications and sites. Optimize the user experience to increase satisfaction, conversions and retention.

IT security et cybersecurity

Outsource your SOC by entrusting the missions of the security operations center to Castelis. Monitor your information systems on a daily basis to detect threats in real time. Improve your processes, tools and solutions to reduce risks and prevent attacks.

Infrastructure audit and IT transformation

Define your cloud and on prem infrastructure transformation and migration strategy. Audit your IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities and modernize your business tools. Outsource all or part of the services in a way that works for your business.

CI/CD integration and management

Minimize manual tasks in managing your infrastructure and exploit measurement and optimization tools. Contain your applications with Docker or Kubernetes and modernize your legacy applications using DevOps methodology. Deploy your infrastructure faster and implement fast and automatic scaling.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Castelis, your partner for Azure services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our outsourcing team manages tens of thousands of Azure services for our customers in France and abroad. We manage your Azure Cloud platform (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) by configuring your servers, virtual instances and online services (websites, databases…). We focus on optimizing your platform so that it meets your needs in real time.

Migrer vers le Cloud

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