Cloudflare: all about the security and performance solution for your site

Cloudflare is a leader in IT security and web performance through its innovative technologies. Founded in 2009, the company offers a suite of web security and performance services to help businesses protect their online presence and improve performance.

Cloudflare is a leader in IT security and web performance because of its unique combination of security, performance optimization and flexibility tools, which enable businesses to protect their online presence and improve performance in a cost-effective manner.

Cloudflare features

Performance optimization, security, and more

Lean on a platform of security, performance and reliability services for websites and online applications! With DDoS protection, speed acceleration, security enhancement, security management and performance analysis, Cloudflare is a top choice for businesses looking to improve their online presence and security.

Advanced DDoS protection

Cloudflare uses a defence-in-depth approach to protect websites against DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, one of the most common threats to online businesses. Cloudflare has a global network of data centres and uses real-time analytics to detect and block DDoS attacks before they cause damage.

Web performance optimisation

Cloudflare offers a range of tools to improve web performance, including a CDN to speed up the loading of web pages, caching tools to reduce the load on origin servers, and image optimisation functionality to reduce their size. Its speed acceleration features improve user experience and conversion rates.

Comprehensive security

Cloudflare offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions to protect businesses from the most common online threats, including phishing attacks, malware, bots, web application vulnerabilities and data leaks. Cloudflare uses a multi-layered security approach to provide full protection for its customers. The solution also manages SSL certificates, firewalls and blacklists.

Greater scalability and flexibility

Cloudflare can easily integrate with a wide variety of platforms and systems, providing increased flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes. In addition, Cloudflare can help businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need to build and manage their own web security and performance infrastructure.

Reactive and proactive technical support

By choosing Cloudflare's solutions, organisations can also benefit from superior technical support, as well as assistance in setting up and configuring services. Cloudflare is supported by a network of partners, including Castelis, the best Managed Services Partner (MSP) EMEA.

Partenaire MSP managed services partner de l'année Cloudflare Castelis

Castelis, best MSP Cloudflare 2022 partner

Castelis has been named Best Cloudflare MSP Partner 2022 for the EMEA region.

Castelis implements Cloudflare services for its customers and offers 24/7/365 managed service solutions. From simple DNS management, to continuous application performance improvement, to a managed SOC, Castelis offers a choice of services that fit into your IT ecosystem.

Support is provided in French and English. Castelis’ Global Cloud Operations department has been a Cloudflare partner for several years and is the first Cloudflare managed services partner in France. Our team provides Cloudflare support to large companies such as L’Oréal, Vallourec and Pernod Ricard.

Our customers speak more highly of our services, so don’t hesitate to ask for contacts.

Cloudflare Certifications,
a guarantee of our commitment to our customers

Cloudflare offers certifications to help Managed Services and Professional Services Partners to effectively commit to Cloudflare and deliver a more secure and powerful Internet experience to their customers.

This partner program is specifically designed for professional services firms and managed service providers (MSPs and MSSPs). The trainings and certifications offered help partners at every stage of Cloudflare adoption, from discovery and sales to implementation, operation and ongoing optimization. Partners also have access to support resources, as well as account managers and partner enablement engineers. This enables the sales and technical teams to position, support and enhance their service activities on the Cloudflare platform.

Castelis trains its employees on Cloudflare offerings and services and has certifications on the majority of Cloudflare badges.

ASP: Accredited Sales Professional

This certification is carried out by all stakeholders in our organisation and enables them to understand and identify Cloudflare's opportunities from the customer's perspective.

ASE : Accredited Sales Engineer

This certification covers Cloudflare's technical architecture, product portfolio, security and performance services, and allows our Customer Success Manager to guide you through the Cloudflare dashboard.

ACE : Accredited Configuration Engineer

This certification is conducted by our network support engineers and covers hosting and implementing Cloudflare's core services, optimising your security and performance services, and troubleshooting core services.

ASA : Architecte de services accrédité

This certification is a requirement for our TAM. It covers a deep dive into core security services and complementary products such as bot management and FW rules, as well as core performance services (advanced caching mechanism, cache tuning).

What is the role of the MSP partner for Cloudflare customers?

Cloudflare’s Managed Services Provider (MSP) partners are managed service providers who have chosen to integrate Cloudflare’s security services into their service offerings. As an MSP, Castelis is recognised as an expert in network management, security and performance. We therefore work closely with Cloudflare to offer advanced security solutions to our customers.

Cloudflare MSP partners have exclusive access to high-level technical and sales resources, as well as in-depth training on Cloudflare products and services. They are also able to offer their customers Cloudflare security solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Advanced security services

MSP partners can offer their customers advanced Cloudflare security services, such as DDoS protection, identity and access management, web application security, API security and more.

Centralized management

MSP partners can manage their customers' Cloudflare security services from a central console, saving time and improving efficiency.


High quality technical support

MSP partners have exclusive access to Cloudflare's technical support team, who can help them resolve their customers' security issues.

Economic advantages

MSP partners can provide their customers with shared offers on specific Cloudflare features at attractive prices.

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