Personalization: what impact on your digital projects ?

The demand for customized offers and services is growing rapidly among consumers. They would like companies to know their tastes and interests so that they can optimize their catalog. This is why it is now necessary and vital for a company to focus on marketing personalization.

What is personalization in marketing ?

Personalization is a marketing strategy development process. It takes into account the needs, trends and preferences of each user and then seeks to make their digital experience more personalized. Everything is based on the data of each user: if it is his first connection or not, his order history, the device he uses, if he is anonymous or identified, etc…

What is the purpose of customization ?

Building a user experience around personalization allows you to strengthen and optimize your relationship with your customers. A company that listens to its customers, understands them and wants to meet their needs can only be attractive to a user. As the market becomes more and more competitive and the demand for personalization by users becomes greater, companies must take a great interest in it.

How to get started with marketing personalization ?

It is essential to prepare your planning in advance in order to be able to implement an action plan. Your digital marketing strategy will only work if you know your customers and their expectations of your company and your products/services. Project management and marketing actions will therefore mix internal and external analysis.

To do this, you need to be able to retrieve data and use it to provide content in line with the needs of each user. These different processes can only be done with good tools such as marketing solutions CMS and DXP or CDP. We propose you to discover why you should choose the Sitecore solution.

Here are the different steps to follow for the implementation of the personalization on your website with Sitecore CDP :

Step 1: Discovery

Align stakeholders and digital project managers around the business drivers and goals of personalizing your new Sitecore experience.

Step 2 : Customization and planning

Facilitate a workshop with technical and marketing experts to precisely define the data and tactics that will form your roadmap, applying Sitecore best practices and methodology. Clearly define the parameters of your Sitecore experience personalization that addresses the marketing objectives of target markets to the end user – who, what, why and how; as well as weaknesses, opportunities, threats. In other words, build a marketing plan.

Align the business, marketing and technical resources needed to achieve ROI and demonstrated business value.

Step 3: Analysis and scoping of the project

Digital interaction points for segment identification, personalization implementation, integration requirements, template creation, user stories, market research, social media analysis, etc.

Step 4: Design

Your user experience will be designed to incorporate personalization, and your content will be relevant and useful for the customer journeys you define.

Step 5: Development

Data collection, your CMS solution architecture and integrations are designed to meet the requirements of customization scenarios.

Step 6: Quality assurance and content load

Content authors can test the usability and customization of components, while testers can test the customization in place.

Step 7: Launch

Once the data points and optimization tactics are in place, your new website will immediately offer your customers a relevant experience and ensure better engagement with your goals.

Step 8: Optimization

The insights gained from the data measurement and personalization tactics implemented will be the foundation for future personalization initiatives and will drive business value in line with your strategic objectives.


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