UX Design

The user at the heart of the design process

Users want a unique experience, emotion and sensations. How can we improve the experience of using an interface?

Experience design is there to model solutions which takes into account the context, usability, interaction and limitations of users, with the aim of creating a meaningful and positive experience.

Our goal is to design intuitive and efficient interfaces that enable the user to achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible. This creates engagement and limits abandonment.

Our UX approach



Gathering of the project requirements
Research on target users
Understanding the pain points and identifying opportunities
Ergonomic audit
Benchmarking and competitive analysis



Building personas and empathy maps
Creating user stories and workflows
Definition of the information architecture
Validation of navigation



Creation of zonings, wireframes and functional models
Graphical interface design
Creation of the system design
Interaction design
Solution development
Usability testing

UI Design

Graphical interfaces that you can own

Our team of graphic designers aims to ensure your project will wow your users.

Creating beautiful layouts for memorable and immersive experiences. Presenting strong images on the screen that will stay in the user’s mind.

We understand your brand and create a unique graphic world fully in phase with the best practices of visual ergonomics. The user must achieve their goal as pleasantly as possible.

Castelis in Responsive


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Web and mobile development

The best open-source technologies to meet your specific needs

The technical team is involved from the pre-sale stage and then at the project vision stage. This is key to properly understand the needs and challenges of your projects. There is no rigid compartmentalisation in our teams.

Building on the richness of the open-source ecosystem, our engineers recommend the best solutions by sharing their advantages and drawbacks with you. You thus become an active player in the technological choices that will support your company for several years.


Our technologies

We are always looking for the best Open Source technologies.



An open source PHP framework for creating web applications, APIs, and web services.



An open source web application for creating online stores.



An Open Source website creation tool, written in PHP with a simple and intuitive content management system.



An Open Source framework written in JavaScript for creating web applications.



An Open Source JavaScript library developed by Facebook to facilitate the creation of web applications.



A dynamic language for creating CSS cascading style sheets.

Web pack

Web pack

An Open Source JavaScript module bundler, with the ability to create static assets representing these modules.



A programming language created by Apple to develop iOS and Mac apps.


A mobile operating system developed by Google for smartphones, tablets, connected objects and computers.


Cloud computing services developed by Microsoft to create highly secure cloud solutions.


CRM platform with all the necessary tools for marketing, sales, customer service and content management.

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