What is Platform.sh?

Platform.sh is a Cloud PaaS platform that enables companies and developers to deploy, manage and scale their web applications easily and efficiently. It offers integrated management of all aspects of infrastructure and deployment management to reduce deployment and maintenance time, optimize costs with a highly available infrastructure. Platform.sh is also committed to green IT by offering an environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure.

The platform simplifies the management of web application hosting and deployment infrastructure, allowing developers and businesses to focus on their core business rather than on infrastructure management and maintenance tasks.

Platform.sh offers an intuitive user interface and automated tools for managing deployments, updates, backups and security, saving users time and improving productivity. In addition, Platform.sh’s centralized management and real-time infrastructure monitoring capabilities give developers and organizations greater control and visibility into their hosting environment, making it easier to make decisions and solve problems.

Platform.sh works with hosting providers such as Azure, AWS and GCP through native integrations. Developers can deploy their applications directly to the tool using the hosting services of their choice. Platform.sh offers integrated management of these hosting services, with centralized management of the entire infrastructure.

What is the purpose of Platform.sh?

The advantages of the platform

Platform.sh enables developers and businesses to manage their web applications easily and efficiently. It reduces the deployment and maintenance time, optimises costs, provides a highly available infrastructure, and allows you to focus on innovation and creating value for your users.

Platform.sh offers several advantages over other cloud platforms.

gestion intégrée platform.sh

Integrated management

Platform.sh offers integrated management of all aspects of infrastructure and deployment management, with a single tool to manage the entire application, from database to servers to deployments.

réduction des temps de déploiements des développements

Reduced deployment and maintenance time

Platform.sh reduces deployment and maintenance time through automated deployment management and centralised management of the entire infrastructure.

Cost optimisation

Platform.sh provides cost optimisation through on-demand billing, with pricing based on actual infrastructure usage.

Infrastructure hautement disponible

High availability infrastructure

Platform.sh offers a highly accessible infrastructure with integrated redundancy and failure recovery management.

sécurité platform.sh


Platform.sh offers advanced security with integrated application and infrastructure security management, as well as automatic operating system updates.

Green IT engagement fort de Platform.sh

Green IT, a strong commitment from Platform.sh

An environmentally friendly cloud infrastructure

Platform.sh uses data centres powered by sustainable energy for its hosting regions, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of the infrastructure.

Platform.sh also uses an energy-efficient infrastructure, optimising energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint.

Moreover, Platform.sh’s on demand pricing allows companies to reduce their energy consumption by using only the resources they need for their business.

By choosing Platform.sh, companies can help preserve the environment while reducing their energy costs.

Secure storage and processing of data with Platform.sh

Data protection

The Platform.sh Cloud PaaS platform allows users to choose the hosting region for their web applications, enabling them to meet local regulatory requirements for data protection.

By offering hosting regions in different parts of the world, Platform.sh also allows companies to choose the region closest to their target market, reducing latency and improving application performance. By storing and processing data locally, Platform.sh also helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with data transfers.

Furthermore, the platform is committed to the highest standards of data security, using advanced security measures to protect its customers’ applications and data.

By choosing Platform.sh, companies can be assured that their data is stored and processed in compliance with the highest regulatory standards.

Stockage et traitement des données en toute sécurité avec Platform.sh

Castelis and Platform.sh

Castelis is a Platform.sh partner, which allows us to help companies take full advantage of the DevOps platform to manage their fleet of websites.

We are therefore able to implement Platform.sh at scale for companies, assisting them in the adoption and dissemination of the platform, as well as in the implementation of governance to ensure consistent and secure use of the tool.

Our partnership with Platform.sh provides companies with a powerful, secure and optimised DevOps solution that allows them to focus on their core business.

Please contact us to find out more about our Platform.sh offering and how we can help your business take full advantage of this cloud platform.

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